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Welsh Medal Haul

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Sunday 3rd April saw Hall Famils 25 competitors bring home a haul of medals.

Competiting in Abergavenby Hall Family Studnets competed in Patterns, Point stop, Continious, Ultimate Fighter and Tag team events.

All the Studnets showed real talent and skill as well as integrity throughout the day.


The results of the day are as follows.
Harry w 3rd
Emily P 3rd
Chloe P 2nd
Molly P 1st
David Jones 2nd
Ewan Hunt 1st
Tyler Furnell 1st
Sarah Hall 3rd
Dan Sneddon 2nd
Luke Hall 1st

Marcus Ashfield 1st
Michael h 3rd
Alex w 3rd
Jay Furnell 2nd
Chloe P 3rd
Harry W 2nd
Emily P 3rd
David Jones 3rd
Tyler Furnell 1st
Luke Hall 1st
Mark Stevenson 3rd
Sarah Hall 3rd
Sarah-jane Walsh 2nd

Marcus A 1st
Jay F 2nd
Alex W 1st
Ewan Hunt 2nd
Tyler Furnell 1st
Emily P 2nd
Sarah Hall 2nd
Sarah-Jane Walsh 2nd

Ultimate fighter
Sarah Hall 3rd
Luke Hall 1st

Sword fighting
Marcus A 1st


Also valiant effort from Alex S, Lyndon, Evan, Nick, Colin, Shane, Jason, Paul, all did really well!

Hall family were also awarded the ‘team of the event’ we couldn’t have done this without the effort from each and everyone of you, including the parents!
Thanks everyone!

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