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Black Belt Success for Mr Williams

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A student from Hall Familys Worcester club, Mr Kieran Williams has successfully passed his 1st degree black belt testing.which he took on Saturday 19th November 2016. Mr Williams graded under a panel of 4 experienced black belts from 4th Degree up to an 8th degree master. Mr Williams showed excellent skill and knowledge during the 2.5 hour grading which consisted of physical fitness work, TaeKwon-Do patterns, line work,  self defence and much more. He shon bright through the grading.


Hall Family Taekwondo help break a Guinness World Record for the largest taekwondo display

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HEREFORDSHIRE’S Hall Family Taekwondo helped break a Guinness world record for the largest taekwondo display.

The record attempt involved every participant moving in time to a set routine for a specified amount of time.

Anyone not meeting the criteria would be disqualified from the final count.

Instructor Luke Hall to help lead the performance, with 24 of his students travelling to Coventry to try and break the record.

Until earlier this year, the record stood at just over 500 people, before it was broken in the summer when more than 800 people took part.
Problems on the motorway on the day led to over 200 students stuck in traffic and unable to get to the event on time, resulting in numbers below that required to break the record.

Parents and grandparents of the students, as well as members of the public, stood, resulting in 949 people successfully completing the routine.

The Hall Family members who took part were: Dan Sneddon, Luke hall, Sarah-Jane Walsh, Colin Pugh, Jon Walsh, Shane hall, Janka Kajuchova, Susie Hawkins, Hannah Clery, Nathan Jones, Sarah Hall, Harry Whittall, Tiegan hawker, Violet Blake, Michael Hall, Thais Eastman, Evan Pugh, Harry Jones, Marko Baran, Theo Hill, Cody Jones, Bethany Raybould, Connor Jones and Lucian Eastman.

Welsh Medal Haul

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Sunday 3rd April saw Hall Famils 25 competitors bring home a haul of medals.

Competiting in Abergavenby Hall Family Studnets competed in Patterns, Point stop, Continious, Ultimate Fighter and Tag team events.

All the Studnets showed real talent and skill as well as integrity throughout the day.


The results of the day are as follows.
Harry w 3rd
Emily P 3rd
Chloe P 2nd
Molly P 1st
David Jones 2nd
Ewan Hunt 1st
Tyler Furnell 1st
Sarah Hall 3rd
Dan Sneddon 2nd
Luke Hall 1st

Marcus Ashfield 1st
Michael h 3rd
Alex w 3rd
Jay Furnell 2nd
Chloe P 3rd
Harry W 2nd
Emily P 3rd
David Jones 3rd
Tyler Furnell 1st
Luke Hall 1st
Mark Stevenson 3rd
Sarah Hall 3rd
Sarah-jane Walsh 2nd

Marcus A 1st
Jay F 2nd
Alex W 1st
Ewan Hunt 2nd
Tyler Furnell 1st
Emily P 2nd
Sarah Hall 2nd
Sarah-Jane Walsh 2nd

Ultimate fighter
Sarah Hall 3rd
Luke Hall 1st

Sword fighting
Marcus A 1st


Also valiant effort from Alex S, Lyndon, Evan, Nick, Colin, Shane, Jason, Paul, all did really well!

Hall family were also awarded the ‘team of the event’ we couldn’t have done this without the effort from each and everyone of you, including the parents!
Thanks everyone!

Hall Family Instructors & Students enter PUMA International Opens 2016.

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HALL Family Taekwondo gained medals at the Professional Unification of Martial Arts international open tournament.

They competed over a two day event against international competitors from across the globe.

Mrs Hall earned a bronze medal in her pattern category and a gold in ladies sparring, while Mr Hall, competing in a category containing current world champions, just missed out on a medal. Assistant instructors Dan Sneddon and Nick Slane also performed well with Sneddon taking a gold medal in men’s patterns and bronze in his sparring category and Slane also securing a bronze in his sparring category.

Jay Furnell entered his first international event, but just missed out on a medal, while Tyler Furnell took a gold in sparring.

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Mr Hall In Local Newspaper

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A HEREFORD taekwondo instructor has followed his wife in being inducted into a Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Luke Hall was nominated by Martial Arts IIustrated Magazine for his dedication and contribution to martial arts over the past 25 years.
Luke Hall was nominated by Martial Arts Ilustrated Magazine for his dedication and contribution to martial arts over the past 25 years.

His wife Sarah was awarded the same prize last year for her continued success as a student.

“The magazine has been going since the 1970s and every year, everyone gets together to decide who gets nominated,” said Luke.

“It’s a mix of all martial arts and those who have been successful get the award.

“So I was quite happy to get it.”

The 29-year-old started training in martial arts when he was four and achieved his first Dan black belt seven years later.

He is currently preparing for his 6th Dan in April, which if successful, will enable him to go for a master grade.

“It will involve three hours of examination and I have to write a 14,000 word thesis,” explained Luke.

“It will involve quite a lot of things, like defence, sparring, kicking, punching and patters.

“It is very rare to get a 6th Dan at 29.

“The average age is 40 plus, but a lot of people start later in life or start early and then quit.”

The Halls have also been invited to the Black Belt Hall of Fame in Burton-on-Trent on April 24, a further recognition of their work in martial arts.

“It’s quite a rare thing because not many people get nominated for it,” added Luke.

“You have to put in the right amount of time and prove that you do things correctly.”

The husband and wife team currently run four clubs, three of which are based in Herefordshire.

Luke opened his first in Birmingham when he was just 18 and has coaches students to national and international success.

“I opened my first club with a co-partner, who was older than me,” explained Luke.

“He eased me into it, because at that age I was quite young.

“But I wanted to give something back and get the ball rolling.”

Black Belt Hall Of Fame Award

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Mr & Mrs Hall Nominated for Black Belt Hall Of Fame Award



Mr & Mrs Hall have been nominated by the editor of Martial Arts Illustrated- Hall Of Fame, Mr Bob Sykes to receive a Black Belt award for their continued service to the Martial Arts.

Mr Hall said, “Wow what an honour for myself and Mrs Hall  to be invited by MAI to the black belt Hall of Fame awards night. What makes this feel so special is that we have been personally invited not nominated, this shows you are a true black belt, teaching the knowledge of martial arts and your efforts have not gone un-noticed. A black belt is someone to look up to and set an example to everyone”.

Mr Hall has been teaching TaeKwon-Do from the age of 18 when he opened a club with a fellow martial artist. He and his wife Mrs Sarah Hall now run successfully, 4 clubs across Hereford and Worcester. The clubs have been open for over 5 years now and gain loyal students all the time. Both instructors have helped various students from white belt to achieve their black belts. They have also encouraged and mentored many of their students to enter both national and international competitions with students coming home with medals in hand.

If you are interested in taking up martial arts please contact is today via our contact form or direct email to

Award for Hall Family Taekwondo’s Luke Hall

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Hall of fame award for Hall Family Taekwondo’s Luke Hall

Mr Hall & Master Harrison

A HALL of fame award has been presented to Luke Hall of Worcestershire and Herefordshire’s Hall Family Taekwondo. Hall started practising martial arts at the age of just four and has now been training for over 25 years.

He was awarded his first black belt aged 11 and at 29 is on course to try for his sixth dan this year. If successful, Hall’s next step will be a master grade although some associations class a master as a sixth dan. He has many national and international titles under his belt, including English, British, Welsh, Scottish and Irish championships and three world titles.

Hall opened his first club at the age of 18 and now runs four successful groups in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. In teaching, he has also coached his own students to national and international tournament success. Hall was nominated for the hall of fame award for dedication and contribution to martial arts for the last 25 years by his instructor, senior master Clive Harrison.

The awards are run by Martial Arts Illustrated magazine and Hall’s accolade is one of the most prestigious in the martial arts field.

 He said: “I was completely overwhelmed by this award. I felt so privileged just to be nominated. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my instructor, master Harrison. “My success comes from understanding that every day is an opportunity to learn. “I will always be a student and there will always be something else I can learn.”
Mr & Mrs Hall
Mr Hall accepting MAI Award

TKD Medal Winners in Scotland

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Hall family TKD Medal winners, Scottish International Open Tournament in Motherwell.

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Hall family instructors Mr Luke Hall 5th Dan, Mrs Sarah Hall 4th Dan & Mr Nick Slane 1st Dan along with  student Tyler Furnell traveled to Scotland for the Scottish International Open Tournament in Motherwell.

Tyler Furnell entered the 16-17 age category and came away with a gold medal, while Nick Slane earned a double bronze after entering both patterns and the heavyweight sparring categories. Luke earned his silver in the men’s middleweight category, while Sarah gained her silver, competing for the first time in nearly a year, claimed her medal in the ladies middleweight.

Mr Hall said “Well done Proud of you all. Its good to see us leading by example, you all had a great attitude and we all supported each other to the end, Win, loose or draw it’s the talking part and getting yourselves out there that counts. Tae Kwon”. 

Christmas Party Awards

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Hall Family Students gathered to celebrate another year of success at the annual christmas get to gather.

Students were presented with various awards for their endeavours over 2015. The students have been observed all year on their efforts and commitment. The instructors got together to carefully select the awards for the students.

We have listed below the awards that were given out and the students who received them.

Five Tenet award – Hannah

Most Improved – Markus

Top Fighter – Tomas

The Rising Star – Marko

Most Committed – Sarah-Jane

Perseverance – Jason

Integrity – Paul

Courtesy – Kiren

Indomitable Spirit – Tiggy

Competitor Of The Year – Tyler

Student Of The Year (Adult) – Jon

Student Of The Year (Junior) – Jordan

Loyalty – Dan & Nick (Instructors)

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