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Mr Luke Hall

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Mr Luke Hall 5th Degree Black Belt

I began my training career in 1990 at the age of 4, in the art of judo but training in this style just didn’t suit me as I couldn’t kick or punch. I met Master Harrison (8th Dan) purely by chance and shortly after at the age of 6 I started training in Taekwondo with him. That became the best move I ever made as what I saw was just what my idols ( Bruce lee and Van Damme ) did and I knew this was what I wanted to do. Over 20 years later I still remain close to my original instructor and still train in the art.

From then on I trained extremely hard, successfully passing my colour belt grades with A passes all the way up to my last colour belt. When I went for my back belt I was given my grading card with A passes on every grade, this is very rare and not many people have achieved it. I was also the first member of the GTI fight club and stayed in it for 8 years until I left with some other instructors and we formed NITA. I went on to become the fight club team coach for NITA, as well as the events manager and a prominent committee member.

In 2005 I decided to open up my own schools around Worcestershire and Herefordshire alongside my wife Sarah, we are still running these very successful schools today!

In 2011 I was promoted to Black belt grading examiner and colour belt grading examiner at the very young age of 25!

In 1997 I took my black belt under Master Harrison 8th Dan/Master Hopwood 9th Dan and the GTI panel. I continued in my training career and successfully graded through my 2nddan through to my 5th Dan which I took in 2011, at only 25 years old it was an honour being able to achieve such a high grade. Having Master Hopwood on the panel is a great pleasure as he was one of the first students of Taekwondo to get a black belt in the UK. I am due to grade for my 6th Dan in 2016

During my time in Taekwondo I have entered many competitions up and down the country. I have a successful history of winning many medals both in patterns and sparring all over the UK, gaining valuable experience and skills I needed to take my competing to the next level. In 2007 I entered the biggest tournament I had ever seen. The ITF World Championships, with over 90 countries competing over 5 days this was a chance to show the world what I could do. After 3 days of fighting I finally got to the semi- finals and took the bronze medal giving me a rank of 3rd in the world. I was then determined to try again so in 2010 I entered the TAGB World Championships, this turned out to be the biggest event in Taekwondo with ever held to date with over 2000 competitors. I fought in the lightweight division with over 70 competitors and managed to get all the way to the semi-finals again, against a very formidable opponent I lost by a matter of points and came 4th. Although I didn’t place for a medal, I felt great pride with the achievement of ranking of 4th in the world! In 2011 I entered the PUMA World Championships but again in semi- finals and took 4th place and of all this I am very proud.

More recently in 2014 I entered the PUMA World Championships and I was determined this time to beat my previous target of becoming 4th. This time I managed to fight my way through the semi-final and take the Bronze Medal position, again giving me that World Title. I took part in many large ITF tournaments during the year gaining many bronze and silver medals. In December 2014 I won the Welsh Kickboxing Championships and took the Gold Medal, I also entered the Ultimate Fighter category which was open weight, and I gained a Silver medal.

I was told once no matter what happens in your life Taekwondo will always be there, no matter what. 20 years later I now know what that means. I will train hard and teach to my best ability and always do my best to push myself and everyone who trains with me to be the best they can be!

Luke hall

5th degree black belt

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