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Mr Dan Sneddon

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Mr Dan Sneddon 1st Degree Black Belt

I started my martial art journey with Ju-Jitsu in 2002 (Aged 11). Not long into doing Ju-Jitsu I found that it wasn’t the path I wanted to take. There were no challenges for me so this didn’t build on my confidence. My introduction to Mr Hall came a few years later when he started to work for the family business, my dad told me how he did taekwondo but I didn’t really take an interest at first. It was when I turned 18 and heard that Mr Hall was now teaching Tae Kwon Do that I thought it would be a good idea as I was always being bullied, however I didn’t have the confidence to go along. Mr Hall was still working for my family when I started to also work for the family business and he began to show me some self-defence moves and how to protect myself, at which point he suggested I come along to learn with him. I went along to his lesson, where straight away everyone was welcoming and it was the best thing I ever became part of.

I have trained continuously with Hall Family Tae Kwon Do since 2009 and never looked back. Since beginning training I have always been pushed to achieve my full potential which has shown through my colour belt grading’s where I have achieved high marks and received positive feedback. I achieved my 1st degree black belt in 2013 where I faced a panel of 5 examiners including Mr Hall and Grandmaster Hopwood. This was a very nervous yet exciting time of my training career and thanks to my hard work in training and commitment from my instructors I achieved my black belt with all 5 signatures.

In 2013 I was promoted to Assistant Instructor for Hall Family Tae Kwon Do which was a privilege to be given and shows that my instructors (Mr and Mrs Hall) believe I have got what it takes to teach this art. I want to follow on from my instructors and continue to deliver high quality training sessions at the clubs I currently take part in within Hereford and Worcester.

I took part in the local competitions when I became a yellow belt entering both the patterns and point sparring events. I did not achieve a medal in my first competition, however, I learnt from this and have improved on my skills ever since with the help of the club and its students. I have entered many competitions over the years which include: British championships, interclub competitions, affiliate competitions, international events and a world championship.

I trained as part of a fight club in 2013 for several months for a big international competition called ‘The Sword of Friendship’. This is a competition where England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Holland come together to earn the prestigious ‘Sword of Friendship’. I was lucky enough to be picked for the England team and with help of my team mates we took 3rd place.

My biggest achievement so far is entering the P.U.M.A World Championships in March 2014 and I was lucky enough to achieve a world title. I was inspired to enter the worlds by my Instructor, Mr Hall, who has achieved several world titles himself. I set this goal when I first started my taekwondo journey and was proud to achieve it. Mr and Mrs Hall push all of their students to achieve their full potential which is shown through their time and commitment to their club and all of its members.

I’ve learnt many things through my Tae Kwon Do path thus far but the most important is to believe in yourself and not let others get you down. I will strive as a Hall Family Instructor to pass this on to other students and always train to the best of my abilities.

Mr Dan Sneddon,

2nd Degree Black Belt

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