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Award for Hall Family Taekwondo’s Luke Hall

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Hall of fame award for Hall Family Taekwondo’s Luke Hall

Mr Hall & Master Harrison

A HALL of fame award has been presented to Luke Hall of Worcestershire and Herefordshire’s Hall Family Taekwondo. Hall started practising martial arts at the age of just four and has now been training for over 25 years.

He was awarded his first black belt aged 11 and at 29 is on course to try for his sixth dan this year. If successful, Hall’s next step will be a master grade although some associations class a master as a sixth dan. He has many national and international titles under his belt, including English, British, Welsh, Scottish and Irish championships and three world titles.

Hall opened his first club at the age of 18 and now runs four successful groups in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. In teaching, he has also coached his own students to national and international tournament success. Hall was nominated for the hall of fame award for dedication and contribution to martial arts for the last 25 years by his instructor, senior master Clive Harrison.

The awards are run by Martial Arts Illustrated magazine and Hall’s accolade is one of the most prestigious in the martial arts field.

 He said: “I was completely overwhelmed by this award. I felt so privileged just to be nominated. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my instructor, master Harrison. “My success comes from understanding that every day is an opportunity to learn. “I will always be a student and there will always be something else I can learn.”
Mr & Mrs Hall
Mr Hall accepting MAI Award
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